1. Develop an expansive computing infrastructure that supports ICT services needs of the University
  2. Develop  ICT technical support for high quality teaching, learning, research & administrative activities
  3. Develop adequate and competent manpower required to provide quality support services
  4. Identify, develop and maintain software applications for efficient and effective execution of operational processes of the University
  5. Coordinate the acquisition, installation, maintenance and decommissioning of computing facilities in the University
  6. Establish and maintain rich Web resources that ensure easy and wide access to the University
  7. Establish linkages, partnerships and collaborations with IT organizations and industry
  8. To Improve the university’s IGR through ICT
  9. Assist in the teaching functions of the University
  10. Conduct applied research & promote commercialization of research results
  11. Provide training in ICT proficiency, professional certification and other relevant courses at various levels