Computing & Academic Support Services(CASS)

Iya Abubakar Institute of ICT

Mal. Suleiman Muhammad

Head of Unit (CASS),IAIICT


The Unit provides support in the area of academic computing, resource development, ICT competency, and promotes the adoption of technology for teaching, learning, research and collaboration.

Functions of Computing & Academic Support Services Unit (CASS)

  • Provide expertise and advice on the selection and acquisition of learningand information resources, materials and technical equipment;
  • Deliver, set up and collect ICT/audio visual equipment and resources for e-learning;
  • Manage and maintain learning and information resources, materials and technical equipment;
  • Conduct workshops on use and management of teaching and learning resources;
  • Manage University computer laboratories/digital centers;
  • Responding to all Emergency Situation.
  • Provide User Support for the above services.