Management Information System Unit (MIS)

Iya Abubakar Institute of ICT

Mal. Rabi'u Gambo Umar

Head of Unit MIS


The MIS is responsible for the management of information required for effective management decisions and providing user support for use of information systems in the University

Functions of Management Information System Unit (MIS)

  • Provide lead in planning and policy formulation for developing information  systems that automate University operational processes;
  • Ensure the various information systems of the University have complete spand up-to-date data at all times;
  • Ensure seamless data exchange among deployed information systems spleading to creation of an enterprise data warehouse for the University;
  • Promote use of deployed information systems by administrators and other spstakeholders at all levels;
  • Ensure data and report needs by University organs and other stakeholders spare easily obtained from deployed information systems with minimum spintervention from MIS staff;
  • Define and document data processing business rules as stipulated by spUniversity policy and as may be amended from time to time;
  • Design report formats as may be required by stakeholders;