Network Infrastructure and Security Unit (NIS)

Iya Abubakar Institute of ICT

Engineer Bashir H. Sani

Head of Unit NIS


The NIS unit is in charge of planning, designing, deploying and maintaining network infrastructure in the University. Detailed functions of the NIS are as follows:

Functions of Network Infrastructure and Security Unit (NIS)

  • Design, implement and maintain network and communication infrastructure to provide effective services to the university community
  • Maintaining ICT infrastructure/system uptime, ensure increased network utilization and optimal network performance as a matter of priority;
  • Estimating costs of network system hardware changes including competitive analysis of future requirements;
  • Providing operational support and management of networks;
  • Integrating voice, video and desktop services within networks;
  • Undertake installation and monitor basic maintenance of network equipment;
  • Provide training and support for the internet/promoting awareness campaign;
  • Assist in personnel development and training;
  • Ensure reliable monitoring and reporting progress of network status;
  • Ensure that degradation in network service or fault is resolved as efficiently as possible;