Research & Business Development Unit (R&BDU)


Mal. Aliyu Ibrahim Umar

Head of Unit RBDU)

The Unit is in charge of IT research, planning, development and collaboration activities. It is also responsible, in collaboration with other units for the enhancement of IGR for achieving the goals and objectives of the Institute.

Functions of R&BDU

  • To develop and implement IT research and innovation activities
  • To identify potential IT research ideas and encourage collaborative research.
  • To establish Research and Innovation Groups with diverse and specific interest in IT.
  • To identify and establish partnership with Industries and other organizations on collaborative Research Areas of interest in IT.
  • To regularly organize National IT conferences and workshops.
  • To develop sustainable business and marketing plan, and identify needed resources
  • To develop R&BD policy and procedures in collaboration with other ICICT units.
  • To Identify training for R&BD unit’s staff for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To market and patent where possible ICICT products and services.
  • Maintain an inventory of all network devices;
  • Maintain power solutions at all network nodes including the access levels;
  • Provide Data Centre services as may be required;
  • Provide adequate network security that will guarantee the integrity of network services on the university network;
  • Provide consultancy services in network design, implementation and management.

  • Organogram of R&BD Unit